Who We Are

Catalyst ministries Uganda is a Christian faith-based non profit organization operating currently in Uganda with our offices located in Wakiso, Buloba.

It began in 2019 as a small outreach ministry operating in different villages. It was founded by Kasoma Ian Kuteesa.

Ian had a passion of helping the orphaned children, widows needy families and all other vulnerable people.

From childhood, it was his dream that when he was financially able to he would go back and make his community a better place.

Our Mission

Making everyone a disciple rooted and built in christ to share his Love and compassion with communities.

Our Vision

To build a family of devoted followers of Christ that worship God , share his Love and ministers to each other needs.

Our Major Objective

Our major objective of CATALYST MINISTRIES UGANDA is to save the next generation through provision of quality education and mentorship. We aim to provide these services for the children in their parent’s homes.

Catalyst Ministries Uganda recognized the need to broaden the scope of the interventions to cover other socio-economic poverty issues and health in a holistic and sustainable manner.

Core Competences

We believe that each and everyone of our children must be exposed to at least five core competences that we consider necessary to excel in this world today to those who can:

  1. Spiritual development.
  2. Ethics and integrity.
  3. Talent development.
  4. Entrepreneurship.
  5. ICT

As we embark on Catalyst Ministries Uganda becoming a first class children Centre, it will be our commitment to provide these core competences to all those who will emerge from it.

Our Major Focus

Catalyst ministries Uganda focuses on improving the well-being of children in need, especially to the most vulnerable. We are uniquely equipped to go to the world’s most broken, heart-wrenching places.

Places where it’s hard to be a child. Places where other child sponsorship organization don’t often go.

Become A Volunteer

Are you interested in doing volunteer work with us, kindly join us today and we make this world a better world together for all of us.

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