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Welcome to Catalyst Ministries Uganda your world of opportunities to minister awaits.

We are so glad you're here! You are now part of a growing community of ministers whose heart is to help the needy. This is a great opportunity of creating , collaborating and connecting with ministers across the globe that are called for ministry.

Early in life i went through a lot of suffering and at times didn't feel i had a reason to live; yet some how God saved me and kept me alive because He knows I still matter to someone. I have a purpose to fulfil and lives to touch.

Ian Kasoma Kutesa

Who We Are

Our Mission

Making everyone a disciple rooted and built in christ to share his Love and compassion with communities.

Our Vision

To build a family of devoted followers of Christ that worship God , share his Love and ministers to each other needs.

What We Do

Child Sponsorship

Catalyst Ministries Uganda goes to places where other child sponsorship organization don’t often go. Through the sponsorship program we strive to save the next generation through provision of quality education and mentorship.

Community Outreach

Catalyst Ministries recognized the need to broaden the scope of the interventions to cover other socio-economic poverty issues and health in a holistic and sustainable manner.

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09 Mar
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Catalyst ministries Uganda is a christian faith-based non profit ...
01 Feb
9:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Catalyst ministries Uganda is a Christian faith-based non profit ...
Our work began in 2019 as a small outreach ministry operating
in different villages especially those where it's to hard to be a child!
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Help us continue to reach more children with quality education and mentorship

Every year, your generosity helps thousands of children and widows across Uganda recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect and family violence.